Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Week 13 Choice Week!

This week you may write about any subject that interests you. Take us on an adventure to a far away place, real or imaginary, by using strong verbs and vivid adjectives. Describe a scene or a person in colorful language to bring us up close to the setting or character. Or, craft a poem with carefully chosen words that paint pictures in our minds. It’s up to you!

Use at least 75 words to write your story, poem, letter or description. As always, do your work in a word processing program first. (MSWord can help you count your words.) Edit your work before copying and pasting it into the comment area of the blog. Don’t forget to include your first name and code. You may post your writing on your own blog this week if you prefer. (The paragraph you just read has 70 words. Don't be intimidated by the number. You can do it!)

Happy writing!
Mme Powell

Due Monday, December 17.