Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 9 I♥NY! (Persuasive paragraphs)

In the story Grandfather’s Journey, Grandfather loved both Japan and California. Later, his grandson found that he felt the same way about these two very different places. Think of a place you really love. You might think of a place you have taken a vacation. Or maybe you’d choose a special spot in your house or yard. Or, perhaps there is a place away from home that you love to visit again and again – a grandparent’s home or a family cabin. Maybe school is a favorite place for you!

Read on to learn about a place I love. As you read, try to find: my topic sentence, two clear reasons (tabletops), supporting details for each of them (legs), and finally, my concluding sentence.

I have had the pleasure of exploring many marvelous places in the world, but I think I could happily spend an eternity in England. One reason I find this island nation so fascinating is its history. This is the land of kings and queens. The Beefeaters at the Tower of London are eager to tell me all their gruesome tales. It seems there is a castle and a story to go with it in every tiny hamlet. Hundreds of museums and manor homes stand ready to transport me into the past. Even the cobblestones and hedgerows have watched centuries of activity pass by.

Another reason I love England is its charm. As I take a Sunday drive through the hilly countryside, the rolling green pastures remind me of a poofy quilt speckled with wooly polka dots. I’ll spend the day strolling through a village of thatched roofed cottages. Each one is surrounded by gigantic rose bushes dripping with pink and red blooms. Swans and long boats float lazily down the Thames. I feel lazy too as I sip my afternoon tea and munch on my scone slathered with fresh clotted cream. While I chew, I read a book by C. S. Lewis or A. A. Milne, two of my favorite British authors. I can’t imagine that I would ever grow tired of exploring England!

Now it’s your turn. Be sure you include a topic sentence. Then, state a reason you love your special place (tabletop). Next, give several good supporting details or examples (legs). Last, write a concluding sentence that restates your main idea. (One good reason is enough for this assignment. Just make sure you make it convincing with your descriptive details!) Important tip!: Use an I-chart to organize your ideas before writing.

Challenge: Try jazzing up your topic and concluding sentences. Give it some personality. Instead of simply saying, “I love my cabin.” Try “There’s no better summer retreat than our cottage on Lake Lila.”