Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 23 Comparing and contrasting

Recently, we have been comparing and contrasting stories like Cendrillon and Cinderella. Good readers are always on the lookout for similarities and differences. Good writers try to include details that will "show" those similarities and differences.

This week, compare and contrast two similar, yet different, places (such as your room and your sister's). Write three sentences that show (not tell) the important similarities between them. Then write three more sentences that explain (more showing) ways they are different. Use good descriptive adjectives and details that make a picture in our minds. Help us "see" the similarities and differences.

Below is a sample (Note: This example uses shoes instead of places. Don't write about shoes! :-)

Tennis shoes and dressy sandals are found in my closet. They both wrap themselves around my feet and protect my tender soles. I can coordinate them with various other items in my wardrobe - a green hoody and peach scarf with my tennies and a sparkly dress and earrings with my sandals. Occasionally, either set might wander away on some younger feet. (My daughters like to borrow my shoes!)

I think the similarites end there, however. There are many more ways my footcoverings are different.

Tennis shoes become old friends who know all my favorite haunts. They love to run, jump and play. They don't mind a muddy puddle now and then. In fact, a bit of dust and a few smudges merely add to their charm. On the other hand, dress sandals are like prim and proper acquaintances who carry me to fancy dinners or the opera. Their high heels lift me above my everyday self. They step gingerly over grimy patches of slush and are careful to always stay on the sidewalk. They truly distain blemishes on their polished exterior.

Yes, tennis shoes and dress sandals are part of the same family tree. But I think they must be very distant cousins!


  • Be sure to save your writing in a word processing program.
  • Read it over to yourself aloud, to make sure it makes sense. Check for good descriptive details.
  • Make any editing changes needed (correct spelling, capitalization and end punctuation).
  • Then copy and paste it into the comment section.
  • Don't forget to include your first name and code, so that you get credit for your effort!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 23 Not yet...

Dear students,
Tonight is Edina Unplugged. Enjoy a fun relaxing evening with your family! They are more important than homework. Look here tomorrow for the Week 23 blog assignment.

Mme Powell :-)