Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 32 Two options

Hey, fourth graders!
Senator Michel really appreciated your ideas about lengthening the school year. Read his response to you below.

Dear Students:
Thank you all so much for your thoughtful response to my legislative proposal. You had many good ideas and I would like to incorporate your thoughts and amend my proposal. How would each of you vote on the following proposal:

Add 5 - 10 days to the school year and require that those additional days may only come between Labor day in September and Memorial Day in May. In other words, this proposal will NOT shorten our traditional summer vacation.

The additional days would mean fewer 3 and four day weekends during the year. Now what do you think?

State Senator Geoff Michel

This week you have two options for your blog assignment: 1) either respond to Senator Michel’s question (including your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing) OR, 2)since we are currently studying our great state, write a short story about an important Minnesota place or event you have experienced. (Examples: canoeing in the Boundary Waters? walking across the headwaters of the Mississippi at Itasca? watching gigantic cargo ships slide under the canal liftbridge in Duluth? riding the old trolley at Lake Harriet? admiring the centuries old petroglyphs in Southwestern Minnesota? touring the shoe factory in Red Wing during its 100th birthday celebration?)

IMPORTANT - Please write your comment in a word processing program first. Reread what you write to make sure it makes sense. Correct spelling and other errors. Then, and ONLY then, submit your comment to the blog. (Part of writing is presentation. Take the time to do it well.) 75 words or more.