Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 20 Choice Week!

This week you may write about any subject that interests you. Take us on an adventure to a far away place, real or imaginary, by using strong verbs and vivid adjectives. Or, describe a scene or a person in lively language to bring us up close to the setting or character. It’s up to you!

Use at least 75 words to write your story, poem, letter or description.

  • As always, do your work in a word processing program first.

  • Revise and edit your work before copying and pasting it into the comment area of the blog.

  • Don’t forget to include your first name and code.

You may post your writing on your own blog this week if you prefer. Note: This assignment is due Monday, February 25, at 8:00 AM.

Challenge: Remember Mary Casanova's tips? One of them was, "Use your 5 senses." This week, try to include details that appeal to at least three of your senses! Help us to hear your brother hopping up the stairs. Let us smell the sweet flavor of morning cinnamon rolls at grandma's. Show us the pink and purple streaks of clouds crisscrossing the blues of the sky just after sunset. See my entry below for other examples.

Happy writing!
Mme Powell

In my entry for this week, I wrote about a topic that doesn't seem very exciting, yet I found lots of interesting things to write about anyway. I could write about it with strong details because it is something I "know". As you read it, look for details that appeal to your senses. Do you feel like you are taking a walk with my dog and me?

Brrr. I slipped my hand into my mitten as quickly as I could after closing the car door. Elsa was already a speeding mass of legs and fur racing to the edge of the woods. There wasn’t much question which of us would win the contest. She just couldn’t wait to catch up on all the new smells since yesterday.

My boots squeaked on the snow as I followed her at my more leisurely pace. I didn’t want to move too slowly this morning though. It was COLD. My woolen-sock covered feet stayed toasty in my snow boots, but my legs were not so lucky. The frosty wind pierced through my sweatpants and the cold crept up under the cuffs. I needed to keep moving. I pulled my hood up over my hatted head to block the frigid air from my cheeks. Almost instantly my breath created icy crystals on the furry trim, but the small relief from the wind was welcome.

I squinted ahead to see how far Elsa had gone. She looked back at me with perked ears and a “come-on-what’s-takin’- ya” expression. Her head cocked to one side and her black nose bore a white patch of snow on its tip. Pretty cute, that rascal.

Laughing, I lifted my heavy boots high and joined the race.