Monday, February 4, 2008

Week 19 terrific friend!

This week features a "Want Ad" for a big brother for Mme Miller's son, Ben. Be sure to note the great details she includes in her humorous advertisement!

Wanted: An Older Brother for Ben

An exciting part time opportunity in Edina, Minnesota! Adventure and giggles await the right candidate. Do you plot and scheme about the perfect move for your chess queen? Are you a Wii aficionado with a zest for Star Wars the Complete Saga? Could you merrily munch and sloppily slurp Davanni’s cheese bread, leftover non-nut Halloween candy, and gallons of chocolate milk for weeks on end? Does figuring out 2648 piece Lego creations make you grin? Then, consider applying for this very special, much appreciated, challenging position!!!

You must be very energetic—a typical day for this enthusiastic almost-seven-year-old could include a sweaty soccer game, a competitive game of Blokus, a trip with his mom to Hub Hobby to get some weights for a Pinewood Derby car, an hour in the kitchen creating homemade popovers with chocolate chips, 20 minutes of practicing “Soaring” on the piano, 15 minutes of chores (including emptying grimy garbage and picking up stained sweat pants) an hour devouring the newest Merlin Magic novel, a hour or two throwing a football or arguing about whose turn it is to use the swing with some nice neighbors and as much snuggling, huggling and ruggling with his mom as he will allow!

Although it would not be required, it would be helpful if you shared Ben’s passion for patterns with numbers and all things to do with math. Don’t know your times tables yet? Not to worry, Ben can teach you! Sudoku makes you squirm? Ben’s your boy to get you going!

You would not have to be entirely responsible for this little wild warrior (although his mother would appreciate a few hours to herself!) , just be there to play, to support and to laugh with this very lovable, very clever first grader.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, February 14, let’s celebrate friendship! Please write a want ad for what you consider a great friend. Include specific requirements that reflect your own interests and passions. Adore skating at Cornelia Park? Can’t get enough of Harry Potter? Make them “requirements” in your “job” description. Have fun! (Please write at least 75 words.)

Challenge: Use proper nouns when possible (i.e. Limited Too instead of "store", Hannah Montana’s hit instead of “music.”)

• As always, write and save your story in a word processing program first.
• Be sure to check it over for capitalization, punctuation and spelling.
• Don’t forget to include your first name and code (eg. Ben S1) so that you will receive credit for your work!