Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Week 30 Choice Week!

Some of you have been eagerly waiting for another "choice week" to continue the stories you began weeks ago. Well, here is your chance. Whether you choose to write a completely new story or finish an older one, is up to you. Either way, be sure to write your story in a way that includes your five senses, paints a picture for the reader, and focuses on the important events. (Don’t tell us about getting up, eating breakfast, and riding to the park in the car, if the story is really about the winning goal you scored in the soccer game!) At least 100 words, please. Don't be intimidated. You can do it!

Challenge: Try including dialogue in your story. Look carefully at my example to see how to use punctuation correctly when your characters are speaking.

I’ve Always Wondered What Happened to the Fur We Pull From Her Brush…

“Mom, come look at this,” Britta called.

My eyes dropped to the ground where my daughter squatted. Cupped in her hand was a delicate whirlwind of sticks and grass. A bird’s nest. Its mission hopefully completed, it had most likely been blown out of the tree during last night’s thunderstorm. This particular nest was more wispy than most I’d seen. I stooped to get a closer look. Silky strands of red, grey and white wound in swirls amidst the twigs and dried grasses.

“Interesting,” I began, “these colors remind me of something…” I glanced up and noted Britta’s widening eyes.

“Elsa!” we exclaimed in unison.

Hearing her name, our favorite fur donor streaked across the grass, squeezing her wriggling mass between us and toppling us both onto our backsides. As we laughed, she swished her fringed tail in one face while licking the other, then pivoted to make sure neither of us missed out on her generosity.