Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Week 30 Choice Week!

Some of you have been eagerly waiting for another "choice week" to continue the stories you began weeks ago. Well, here is your chance. Whether you choose to write a completely new story or finish an older one, is up to you. Either way, be sure to write your story in a way that includes your five senses, paints a picture for the reader, and focuses on the important events. (Don’t tell us about getting up, eating breakfast, and riding to the park in the car, if the story is really about the winning goal you scored in the soccer game!) At least 100 words, please. Don't be intimidated. You can do it!

Challenge: Try including dialogue in your story. Look carefully at my example to see how to use punctuation correctly when your characters are speaking.

I’ve Always Wondered What Happened to the Fur We Pull From Her Brush…

“Mom, come look at this,” Britta called.

My eyes dropped to the ground where my daughter squatted. Cupped in her hand was a delicate whirlwind of sticks and grass. A bird’s nest. Its mission hopefully completed, it had most likely been blown out of the tree during last night’s thunderstorm. This particular nest was more wispy than most I’d seen. I stooped to get a closer look. Silky strands of red, grey and white wound in swirls amidst the twigs and dried grasses.

“Interesting,” I began, “these colors remind me of something…” I glanced up and noted Britta’s widening eyes.

“Elsa!” we exclaimed in unison.

Hearing her name, our favorite fur donor streaked across the grass, squeezing her wriggling mass between us and toppling us both onto our backsides. As we laughed, she swished her fringed tail in one face while licking the other, then pivoted to make sure neither of us missed out on her generosity.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mme Powell, (i am doing a TRUE story)

My brother and I quickly and rapidly opened the box to our new xbox game. Rock band. I smellled the freshly melted rubber and I saw a beautiful microphone, guitar and drums. I heard my brother say ''thanks, dad'' I wanted this game for ages. I touched the smooth instruments. The microphone was shiny too. I tasted my mouth filling up with joy and slyva. I looked again at them and they looked just beautiful. My pretty mommi came downstairs with us and said ''Wow. say thanks to your father'' I said ''Thanks, dad this means a lot to me'' and Preston just kinda ripped it open and said ''thank you, too''. The game is awesome!!!!!!!!

Sylvie J #24

Anonymous said...

A bright sunny day in Sanibel, I walk across the beach looking for a spare boogie board. While I’m walking the feel of the warm silky sand under my feet makes me ecstatic to be in Florida. Ha, ha, there, right before my eyes, laying in the bright blue water with my name on it, a perfect boogie board. With pleasure I paddle out ready for anything. First big wave, wipe out, second try… aced it. For the rest of the afternoon, trying to ace any move, I fatigue myself every time. It’s time to go. The sunset looks like pink lemonade in the sky. What a great day! Thomas j21

Anonymous said...

How Much I Love Peanut Butter On A Spoon

Peanut butter on a spoon is the best! When you dunk the spoon in your mouth the tastiness begins. I love the way it melts very slowly on the roof of my mouth.

But it gets better! It’s also very sticky.

Sometimes when one of my friends asks me a question, I say the answer with peanut butter in my mouth. Except that it’s all stuck to the roof of my mouth and it completely garbles anything I try to say. It totally grosses them out! I love to do that and see their reaction. Each one of my friends makes a different face.

For example today, while on my way to soccer practice my friend Kelly and I where looking around the car for something to do. We both spotted a jar of peanut butter at the same time. We took a couple spoons from Kelly’s lunch and shared the jar between the two of us. Once the two of us had stuffed enough peanut butter in our mouths, we tried to talk about how excited we were about going to our first soccer practice. It was hilarious! We were saying real words but it didn’t sound like it one bit.

If you liked what I had say, go try it on your friends.

Irene Sw#5

Anonymous said...

One time I was with my neighbors and we went up to the younger neighbor’s house. I asked if they wanted to play hide-and-seek with us. My friends were all 8 and 9 years old and the younger kids were 3 and 5. I suggested that we only play in the front yard, so the little kids could be included. Their front yard does not have a lot of hiding places, so it was easier for the little kids to find us. This must have made the little kids feel important that older kids wanted to play with them and spend time with them. Their mom even said thank you for playing with her children. It made my mom proud and since today is Mothers Day it made sense to write a story about making my mom happy.
Noah R223 SW#4

Anonymous said...

One Saturday morning I woke up early and after having breakfast, I decided to go out side and see what my mom and dad were doing. When I got out there I found them working on the garden and doing yard work. I was asked to help but decided to play instead, I went to the container with all of my basketballs and soccer balls. I pull out my shiny orange soccer ball and started to kick it around. Then I decided I wanted to play goalie, so I asked my sister to play with me. She said yes and we proceeded to go and pull out the goalie net. To our surprise the net was all tangled up. The more we looked at it we realized that it was some kind of animal. It was not moving or alive; I ran and got my dad. When he got there we pulled the net out to the middle of the back yard. When my dad started to look at it he thought it was a large rat. But he was wrong; mom told us it was a large opossum. Some how it got tangled up in my net and we had to cut it out and bury it in the back yard. Well so much for playing goalie on this beautiful Saturday morning, I guess I will help my mom and dad with chores.

Braxton #18 SW4

Anonymous said...

It was a rainy day for a soccer game, but we still had to play because it wasn’t thundering or lightening. I was the first one there. There was a blue tent they sold T-shirts, pins, and soccer balls. They also had free suckers. I snatched two and I waited for the rest of the team to come. Then Neil, our coach, came and I asked “Do you want a sucker?” And he said “sure”. I asked “What Color?” And he said “blue.” That was the favorite kind of everybody on the team. He got the last one. Then during the game, there was rain on the tent, so then we hit the tent and rain came down and we drank it. It didn’t taste that good, but it was worth it because in the end we won 3-1.

Garrett SW#23

Anonymous said...

This is how I do my blog.

First I need to think of a story.

Second I need to write great adjectives like squishy, wondrous amaz… etc. Well you get what I mean.

Third. I need to think how do my characters act, as in I want my jelly sandwich or not a greedy person you go first and I’ll wait back here.

Fourth. I need to think about how to draw a picture of the character in the mind of the reader like. He looks like a pickle with a tall wide body and skinny legs.

Fifth. I need to have correct grammar with no misspelled words.

And last of all finish with a good ending like: And guess what you just read my blog.

Kevin SW6

Anonymous said...

Once apon a time there was a cat named Blu. She had a very boring life. Then along came Tommy. Tommy was a hamster, and Blu loved hamsters. So one night, when Tommy came out of his little, wooden house that he slept in to spin on his wheel, Blu finally dicided to talk to him. She walked up to his cage “Hi!” she said. Tommy jumped and fell off his wheel. “Who said that!?” asked Tommy, surprised. “I did” said Blu. “And who are you?” asked Tommy. “ I am Blu, I am a cat, and I love hamsters!” said Blu. “Please don’t eat me!” said Tommy. “ Don’t worry, I won’t.” said Blu. “I just like hamsters as friends.” “Wow, that’s different. So do you want to be friends now? asked Tommy. “ Of course!!!” Bluie agreed. So from then on, they were best friends. The End. Ellie B J3

Anonymous said...

I was in my room sleeping, and all of a sudden I heard a voice say, ’’Andy why are you sleeping? We have big construction going on!” I got dressed as fast as I could and dashed downstairs. I asked Elizabeth, “Why are you humming?” She said, “It is not me. It’s the big machine outside!” “What machine?!?” I said nervously. But Elizabeth was already outside. As I peeked through the window, I saw something BIG, something YELLOW. It was a giant excavator, larger than my garage! I asked Dad, “What is that for?” He only smiled at me. The worker came out and told me, “How would you like to crush your garage!” And that’s where I will stop my story… Hey, you do it to us!

Anonymous said...

It’s the Day of the move we had my bed disacimbleded and ready to go down stairs to my new room. I was so excited to go to my room by the time Dad moved my bed downstairs I was jumping. Later that week when the desk was in place and my clothes were in the closet I felt more at home in my room. Later that week dad helped with the bookcase and I brought down the books. Today I put up the map of France. What next I though as I fall asleep on that crisp spring night.

The End J25

Anonymous said...

Pippin! I called into the twilight sky. I looked for a few seconds for my little black poodle. All of a sudden, a little black bundle of fur hurled it self into the light shining down on the patio. Pippin looked up at me, his eyes bagging to come in. I know he really meant it, because I could hear him whimpering. I open the door and he plunged in side. He raced off down the hall towards my mom. His little paws padding along. I wished I could have cuddled him, but I know he will sleep with me.
Cristiana SW#12

Anonymous said...

I was sitting in bed just waiting for something to happen and then I heard some dogs jumping and my mom yelling, I ran down stairs to see what was wrong but it just was a normal day. My mom was talking to herself about my first communion. I was very excited. I walked into the kitchen, it smelled so good I closed my eyes and imagined a castle made out of the richest chocolate in the world. Still with my eyes closed I reached around to find some of the melted chocolate that I saw when I first walked in .BLEH. My day dream was interrupted by the taste of soap water. I opened my eyes all the way to see what I just ate. Ewwwww, the chocolate was right next to a bowl that my mom was cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Powell,
One week ago, my family and I went to the Festival of Nations. We went to a big shop called the Bizarre. The Bizarre is a shop where there are items from different countries. There were all sorts of neat items. I really wanted to get something but then my stomach was rumbling and getting all hungry and grumpy. So my dad and I went to the food court and got some different kinds of foods from different countries at every booth, while my mother and my sister stayed at the Bizarre. First, my dad bought some fried rice. (It was at the Korean booth which is where my dad is originally from). I started to devour it, and then I got sick and tired of it. So my dad got some Thai noodles. OOH! YUMMY! GREAT! (I am exaggerating!) I didn’t tell him I didn’t like Thai noodles because then he would feel bad. So I forced myself to eat it. I stuffed as much food as I could into my mouth. I was all done eating so my dad and I went back to the Bizarre and looked for my mother and my sister. We found them and I saw that my mom got something. Something for me! I wonder what it is. I wanted to see it and I got all hyper and excited that I accidently bumped into someone. My mother said I couldn’t look at it until my birthday because my birthday was in just 5 days or so. I was so eager to see what she got me but I couldn’t see it until my birthday. Five days or so later…
It’s finally my birthday. I’m ready to open my present (from the Festival of Nations). I frantically* opened the present. It was a bandana from the Philippines booth. Made by hand. It was just beautiful! I loved it! Wait. I feel something else in the bag of presents. It’s hard. My mom said it is fragile. I slowly unwrapped the gift. It was a glass horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just loved it so much and it was so beautiful! Thank you mom!
*Frantically is my new vocabulary word. It means to do something really excitedly.
Maria j4#5

Anonymous said...

My name is Holly I’m 9 and in 1 month I’ll be 10.I live in North Dakota for a good reason you see that I love horse back riding. But today my family had so called good new we are moving to Marina Kay my Twin sister Molly who is the exacted opposite of me any way she loves the ocean like I love horses guess what there are no horses in Marina Kay it is to hot and tomorrow I have to get on plane and fly to the BVIS than I have to take a fairy to my new home Marina Kay and unpack for hours than I have to take a class called dive BVI.
Now I’m standing on the dock next to me is my Whacko sister Molly. Then we dove in to a aqua world turns out I like Marina Kay. Now I have a new home a new friend and a new hobby!

Anonymous said...

Once in my creepy basement I was playing with two of my friends when we saw it. A enormas bug with about 100 legs was right in front of us. We all screamed as loud as we posible could. Then we saw mini bugs. We all screamed again and dashed up the staires. When we got up to the kichen we all could smell nice pasta. We asked my mom to squish it. So she did. finelly I got to eat the delishious pasta after one CRAZY day.

Sarah sw2

Anonymous said...

I just walked into the Perkins restaurant with my family. I we sat down at our seats, I noticed that they had a crain machien! Even thow they don't always have good luck on them, my sister, Sarah is geat at them! I asked my parents if I could go over there and when they said yes, I scatterd towred it I grabbed Sarah. She pulled out adollar and putt it into the machien. She got one!!!!!!!!! It was a doggy! I asked is that for me?! Of course! She said. Yippy!! That was a lucky anof day for me!
Kathrine #3 sw