Monday, January 14, 2008

Week 16 Inventions!

Last week we read about John Stetson, who invented the famous Stetson hat that became known as "The Boss of the Plains." John's unique hat was useful to many people who had discovered that other hats just didn't meet the demands of the work and the climate in the West.

Watch this video about Mother Necessity (who is said to be responsible for all inventions!).

Now, imagine an invention that would solve a problem you have experienced or seen other people experience. What do you wish someone would invent?

Write an advertisement for this imaginary product. Be sure to explain what your product does, how it works, and why people do not want to be without it!

For example, if you were writing an advertisement for The Boss of the Plains, it might sound something like this:

Are you tired of blistering sunburns on your neck and nose? Or perhaps you have seen one too many headcoverings turn from brand-spanking-new to "old hat" in just one week of work on the prairie. Maybe you long for a hat that can stand up to all the wind, rain, sun and sweat that a hard working Westerner can provide. If so, then we've got the right hat for you. Our hat is so superior to others, folks call it "The Boss."

Though it costs a bit more than other caps, once you own it, it will become your most valued possession. Its wide brim will protect both your face and neck from the sweltering sun. No longer will rain funnel down your back while you're movin' those dogies in a downpour. Instead, you'll be wearing your very own hands-free umbrella to keep you dry.

Need a spare bucket to water your horse or gather sun-kissed summer berries? The Boss can help you carry your load for work or pleasure. Need a pillow for your head as you snooze alongside your herd under the starry heavens? Again, The Boss is at your service. And, perhaps most importantly, in the light of day you'll look as handsome as a golden-maned mustang in your Boss of the Plains hat. No self-respecting cowboy or girl should be without one!

As always...

  • do your writing in MSWord or another word processing program first
  • revise it to include strong verbs and descriptive details to help us imagine your invention
  • proofread your work and make corrections in spelling, capitalization and punctuation
  • copy and paste your writing into the comments section of the blog or into your own blog
  • add your first name and code before publishing
Challenge: Create an illustration to go along with your advertisement! Bring it to school on Tuesday to share with your class.