Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 12 Happy Holidays!

As the holiday season approaches, families create cards to wish their friends and loved ones good tidings. Please write a holiday letter about your family that could possibly be included with this mailing. Tell us some of the highlights of your family’s year. Be sure to mention something specific about each family member–including your pets! Go ahead and brag!

Please write this in correct letter format with a greeting and closing. Post your letter either on my blog or your own edublog. If you would prefer more privacy, you may choose to email your letter to me at kripowell@edina.k12.mn.us

—-Write your letter first in MSWord (or another word processing program).
—-Reread your writing before publishing and revise it to be clear and descriptive.
—-Edit your work - capital letters, punctuation, spelling
—-Add your first name and code to your writing (eg. Julie Sw27).
—-Lastly, copy your letter and paste it in the comment box on my blog, in a posting on your own edublog, or in an email to me, Mme Powell.