Friday, April 18, 2008

Special assignment - Novels

(Note: If you are looking for the “true story” blog assignment, which is due Monday, April 28, read the NEXT entry - Week 27.)


This assignment is a substitution for those students who did not have their questions for our book discussions today (Friday, April 18):

Please write a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) explaining why you would or would not recommend this book to someone else.

This assignment is due on Monday, April 21. If you complete it by then, it will take the place of your missing discussion questions.

I'll look forward to reading your opinions!

Note: I am the only one who will be reading this assignment. Your comment will not be published.


Anonymous said...

There I was in 3rd grade English class presenting my project on George Washington. I had spent one week making a poster board and downloading pictures and real facts. I started my presentation and it went just the way I wanted. I couldn’t take the poster board home yet because my English teacher had to grade my work. The next day in English class we where suppose to take our work to our house. When I started to go to the door the poster board jabbed into my stomach causing me to feel lots of pain. I kept on walking and the next thing I knew I was flat on the ground knocked out. People where crowded around me. They thought I lost a tooth or two. My two perfect front teeth were chipped and my mom had to pick me up from school. While she was picking me up at school my brother fell off a slide and knocked out one of his front teeth. Everybody in my family thought this was weird because it happened at the same time that I hurt my teeth. I could not eat anything and my brother and I had to go to the dentist the next day.

Patricia Sw#13

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful fall day and my family is driving up to a resort in Brainerd, MN called Cragan’s. This is an exciting place to me because all of our friends and neighbors will be there too. It is MEA weekend and everyone is on vacation. I can’t wait to get there!

One thing I like to do when I am there is to go swimming at the water park. My most favorite thing to do is go on the slipper, extremely fast water slide. My second favorite thing to do at the resort is play with all the kids who are there. We always play chicken with everyone and I am usually on the winning team. Cragan’s also has a weekend day camp that is really think is great, we do things like arts and crafts, treasure hunts and hay rides. It is usually on Saturday and all of my friends do it too.

I look forward to MEA weekend every year. I like to go up north with my family on this vacation because my neighbors and close friends will be there. It is a family tradition we have been doing since I was in kindergarten. My mom will be making reservations again in June and I hope we will be going for many more years.

braxton sw18

Anonymous said...

It was the day I have been waiting for. It was carnival day at Creek Valley and Norman- dale. I decided to go to Normandale first because I go to school there. When we arrived, the cafeteria was packed with people. Grown-ups were in a line that coiled all around the room. “Wow” I thought, it’s the wrong time to be here for dinner. Some kids were singing to the music, having their hair painted, or running around. The cafeteria smelled like cheese cake.
Mom, Dad, and I rushed over to get our tickets and put them in the raffles. After that, we went to Creek Valley. We ran from room to room playing all sorts of games like hop scotch and hot potato. It was like a room with millions of arcade games or like playing on Funbrain. We got our bright blue tickets with our names on it, put them in the bucket and went home.
Later that night, the phone we had so many calls I could not go to sleep. The next morning, “Were you going mom? “I said to mom to get the raffles w got the grand prize it was a digital camera and a photo smart 7450 printer + a camera case and a memory card all at creek valley. I was so happy because it was the first time we had ever won a raffle she told us the long list of list of prizes, got in the car and drove of.
j25 evan

Anonymous said...

When we got our patio, the people that installed it left a bunch of wooden pallets. So with my brother and a few neighbors and I pulled one of the pallets up into a pine tree in our front yard, layed it on two branches, and made a rope ladder and tied it two branches away from the pallet. We liked to climb up into our ‘tree house’ sometimes to read, draw, or just sit and watch cars go by. Sometimes, I’d hang on the branch between the pallet and the rope ladder. On day, after my brother and I had been riding down the driveway on scooters, I dropped my scooter under the ‘tree house’ and climbed up the ladder to hang on the branch. I reached the branch, and right when I did, my brother said he was going to the bathroom. “ Okay”. I said.” It’s not like I’m going to need you”. Right? Wrong. I grabbed the branch and started hanging. After a while, I got tired and wanted to drop. I looked down, and the scooter was under me. There was also a ladder leaning against the trunk of the tree, to get up to the rope ladder. So I started swinging to get to the ladder. My hands were hurting now. My foot hit the ladder, and it fell over. I guess I wasn’t getting down that way! I slid down to the end of the branch, but it was too skinny and bending. So I quickly slid back. Now there was nothing left to do. I started screaming. Nothing happened, but a lady driving past did wave at me. My hands were really hurting now, and I couldn’t wait for my brother to get out of the bathroom to move the scooter. So I dropped. I got lucky, and landed right next to the scooter. As I got up to set up the ladder, I herd my brother come back out. “Wow, great timing.” I thought, as I ran to catch up with him. The End Ellie B. J3